5 Big trends to watch in 2022

Feb 1, 2022 | Articles

Sara Merino

Sara Merino


2021 has come to an end and it’s time to start the new year with new trends and predictions.

This is the year when we will slowly recover from the pandemic and we’ve definitely learnt some things along the way. It has affected our social and individual behavior and publishers need to act accordingly and adjust to the current situation and foresee future changes.

What’s coming up this year?

Here are some upcoming trends to watch in 2022. Take a look.

Quality relationship with audiences

Each day, audiences are more aware of the lack of privacy, transparency and other concerns regarding third-party cookies. They want to know to whom they’re providing their data and what they do with it.

Users yearn for authenticity and genuine connections between each other and their environment. That’s why publishers need to improve and take care of their relationship with their audience.


Users are also looking for sustainability, and this year this trend will gain importance. Publishers need to realize how to use their resources in a purposeful and conscious way in order to minimize their environmental impact.

Focus on quality products

The end of the third-party cookies has become a turning point in the digital marketing world, as we explained in this post.

That’s why publishers need to invest and take their time to improve their current products like email newsletters, video and audio products. In fact, podcasts are on the rise. According to Convince and Convert, 57% of the population in the US has listened to a podcast. This is an increase of 29.5% since 2018.

Subscription growth

Another big trend this year is the rise of subscriptions. Increasing subscription revenue has become one of the main goals for publishers in 2022. As Reuters revealed, 79% of the publishers plan to focus on subscriptions, followed by display and native advertising.

New revenue streams

But being able to apply innovation to create new products can be also important to generate new revenue streams. And now with the emergence of the metaverse, this is truer than ever.

As Emily Collins from Forrester summarizes, “41% of marketing executives say improving their ability to innovate is a marketing priority for 2022”.

This year may also be the one in which new social media networks come into the scene. But until then, publishers need to keep up with the current trends and pay more attention to networks such as TikTok or Twitch, which are more popular with the younger generations.

What are the next trends for publishing?

Sustainability and improving the quality of products, services and the relationship with your audience are the main trends for 2022.

How important is innovation in publishing?

Innovation is the principal priority in marketing for the new year. It can be applied to the creation of products but also to generate new revenue streams.

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