New Publisher Solutions Make it easier to Work with Boutique Advertisers and Agencies

Mar 3, 2020 | Articles

Andrea Burgueño

Andrea Burgueño


Small-to-midsize businesses make up 99% of the US and the UK business. The percentage is similar across most European and Asian countries and the variation is minimal at a global scale. Their role in the global economy is rather vital and this is something that Google and Facebook understood a long time ago. Both companies have made available a series of tools and platforms for SMBs to easily advertise their products and services. And both companies have grown by becoming the main allies of the small-to-midsize businesses’ growth.

Current SMBs’ average spend per channel in the US
Current average monthly cost per service

The question arises, why do SMBs still not have plenty of easy solutions to launch their campaigns then? A possible answer would be that most DSPs and publishers in general are forced to work with minimum spend thresholds in order to compensate the costs of handling small campaigns. Another theory would be that most players in the ad tech industry failed to identify this business opportunity.

The second option is a real problem because by the time ad tech companies realize someone else is eating their piece of the pie and try to claim their slice, there will be only crumbs left. The first one though, can be solved thanks to technology.

Huge digital companies like Tripadvisor or Hearst, not to mention giant social companies like Pinterest, are now leveraging tech to automate once manual processes and optimizing the UX of their brand-new ad platforms to the maximum. This way, they hope to attract small and medium enterprises and start-ups and to retain them by making it very easy for their in-house teams to set up and run advertising campaigns.


However, not just SMBs take direct advantage of this situation. New publishing solutions like DirectoPub are as much an opportunity for boutique advertisers as they are for agencies. After all, accessing cost-effective ad technology opens the door to working with a wider variety of clients and budgets.

In other words: DirectoPub makes it possible for publishers to work with SMBs because it allows advertisers to directly place their ads on the space they choose and take advantage of the customization options that the platform offers to fully personalize them. But it also makes it affordable for small advertisers to work with agencies and easier to have their own in-house team if they chose to.

With SMBs representing 99% of business across the globe, it is not surprising that technology is now democratizing the long-tail budgets, once monopolized by Facebook and Google. It’s time to finally enable SMBs an easier access to launching campaigns and it’s clear that the consequences of this change are going to be very positive for the ad tech industry and for the economy itself.

How can DirectoPub be a solution for marketers?

DirectoPub has cost-effective ad technology that allows both advertisers and agencies to work with a wide range of publishers and budgets.

Is DirectoPub also a solution for publishers?

Of course! DirectoPub allows publishers to work with SMBs since it permits advertisers to place their ads in their sites directly, among other solutions.

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