How publishers can leverage the ecommerce trend

Mar 15, 2021 | Articles

Andrea Burgueño

Andrea Burgueño


As publishers look to diversify into new revenue streams such as content production, collaborations, digital courses, virtual events or activations, there is an area that deserves special attention. Ecommerce is one of the most interesting sources of revenue. Keep reading and find out how publishers can leverage the ecommerce trend.

People have changed and so has ecommerce

The pandemic has changed the way people shop. Brands and marketers need to understand and keep up with new trends and meanwhile, publishers keep gathering an immense amount of useful data. Those data are exactly what brands need to build communities, strengthen trust and increase engagement. But also, they are really useful to create new, attractive content that helps organizations achieve their goals.

In short: focusing on data and consumer insights becomes key to help produce more engaging content. In fact, that’s another reason for publishers to work hard on owning their audience and database through newsletters or paid subscriptions.

Branded content is the magic tool

The demand for branded content has increased in all its forms. Print, digital, socials, podcasts, videos, research projects, webinars and live events. Brands know that great content is the right tool to create authentic connections. Also, to engage new audiences across different platforms and deliver brand uplift.

Publishers know that too. That’s the reason why they are creating more and more engaging content that influences consumers and improves their clients’ commercial outcomes.

In other words: the publishing industry has become extremely powerful not only at building brands, but also at selling products and services.

Authority, trust and engagement matter

While a few years ago ecommerce efforts were considered experimental, now they are meaningful revenue diversification strategies for digital publishers. Social platforms are already shaping new ways for people to shop post-COVID. This translates into a huge opportunity for those publishers who are already a trusted authority in product reviews. They can meet readers’ changing shopping habits with authentic, engaging, valuable content that answers their questions while increasing publishers’ revenue.

Ecommerce livestreaming is the next big thing

By now it’s undeniable that publishers are the perfect partners for brands wanting to boost their e-commerce activity. But content can have many different forms and goals and we are only at the beginning of something really big.

However, innovation is already here and ecommerce livestreaming is here to prove it. According to Coresight Research, eCommerce livestreaming is forecasted to generate $25B in sales in the US by 2023 and it’s already really big in China.

In case you are wondering what livestreaming shopping actually is, here is an easy definition: it is a mix between traditional home shopping TV, live video streaming content and influencer marketing.

Interesting, right? We’ll talk more about it soon. But for now, publishers, get ready to grow your business. The opportunity is already here.

How has ecommerce changed during the pandemic?

Many brands and publishers have realized the importance of keeping up with the trends and creating valuable content. That’s why the ecommerce sector has increased their efforts in analyzing data and producing insights to create better ecommerce content.

What is the next big thing in ecommerce?

Livestream ecommerce is going to increase its importance in the next few years. In fact, it’s already big in China while in the US it’s expected to generate $25B by 2023.

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