Are publishers changing their content?

May 7, 2020 | Articles

Andrea Burgueño

Andrea Burgueño


When life changes so drastically like in the past few months nothing can be the same anymore. The things we used to do, buy or read are part of the life we used to have. Some of them have become unnecessary or irrelevant. Some others have just changed their function or meaning. But are publishers changing their content?

Our interests and needs are different now and therefore the content we consume has adapted to our new demands. Since the beginning of the pandemic, news publishers have seen a significant traffic increase. Was it because people were in lockdown and so they spent more time online? Maybe. But could they not have just focused only on other types of content? The fact that people were reading and watching more news clearly means that information has jumped to the top of our list of priorities. 


What’s new for publishers

Since we are demanding more information on coronavirus-related topics, publishers are working on all sorts of articles, videos and content pieces in all formats. Most of them have already divided it into subcategories where they address issues like the quarantine period, the physical or mental effects of lockdown, online entertainment and culture to enjoy during the confinement, etc.

However the new concerns brought by the pandemic are also starting to emerge across all media. Interest in content about the stock market and, in general, financial topics involving long-term planning, has increased. By contrast, traffic has declined in content related to hiring real estate agents or retirement planning.  

Also health and fitness video-channels, apps and sites are experiencing a significant growth, as well as searches about the use of apps and devices to facilitate communication or about household activities such as cleaning or baking bread. 

New search interests are definitely leading the way towards a new content production where publishers try to meet people’s demand for information about hot topics like health or finance, how to survive the lockdown and adapt to new forms of life and communication and, of course, real time details on the current state of affairs.

Why are publishers changing their content?

People’s interests and demands have changed drastically due to the pandemic. They now spend more time online consuming content and news. Information has become one of our top priorities.

How are publishers adapting their content?

Content has been changing and revolving around coronavirus-related topics, providing information. Other topics include entertainment, finance, health, fitness and household activities.

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