How to thrive in 2021. A publishers’ to-do list for the year

Jan 20, 2021 | Articles

Andrea Burgueño

Andrea Burgueño


Although last year was not really a great year for anyone, we are getting used to living in uncertain times. This might not seem that important, but it is. Why? Because uncertainty has become the fuel many publishers and organizations needed to activate their engines, move and evolve at a much faster pace. And if you are already on the path to success but want to make sure to reach all your goals, here is how to thrive in 2021. A publishers’ to-do list for the year. Ready?

It’s now or never: go digital

Whether we are talking about fiction or non-fiction content, the coronavirus outbreak accelerated the trend towards digital publication. As a result, publishers have been putting more effort on developing profitable digital subscription models.

According to a study from the Reuters Institute and the University of Oxford, 52% of publishers expected subscriptions and memberships to become their main source of income last year.

Despite going digital is a big change for many publishers, it also has some extra advantages. One of them is the possibility of creating richer and more engaging content by exploring different media formats. Also, content distribution at scale becomes much easier.

Mobile should still be first

Most users access search from their mobile devices. Therefore, Google uses mobile content for ranking and indexing. This is commonly called “mobile first indexing” and you are probably already familiar with it.

However, if that’s not the case, then you should start working on the mobile version of your next content before you think about anything else.

Improve UX ASAP

One of the aspects that will help your content stand out is UX. People spend a lot of time online and consume tons of content a month. That’s why it is so important to differentiate your content from the vast majority out there.

On the one hand, high quality, valuable content is a MUST, but it does not make your offer unique. Creating a flawless user experience, on the other hand, will help you outperform other publishers.

“Valuable” also means “useful”. Keep it in mind

What are your audience’s questions? Do you know what people want to learn more about?

The pandemic has made it clear that content is a service. During the past year, useful content rose above the rest to become the real king. In fact, news publishers saw enormous traffic peaks.

But if you focus on other types of content, studies, surveys and social media, will help you understand what people want to read in 2021.

Build customer loyalty

With so many changes in the industry, users have gone back to being at the centre of most publishers’ strategies. Why?

Because knowing their audiences allows publishers to create tailor-made content and even work on made-to-order-answers. Also, to improve targetization.

Although there has been a recovery, ad revenues are still unpredictable. Building a loyal user base will not only be useful to increase subscription revenue, but it will also help increase publishers’ advertising revenue once things are back on track.

What channels should publishers focus on 2021?

Being present in the Internet is a must, so going digital is one of the most urgent things publishers need to do in 2021. In more detail, publishers should focus on mobile devices, as they’re going to increase their importance.

How can publishers create value in 2021?

The best way publishers can create value for their audience is by being useful to them. This means, providing solutions to their problems.

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