How publishers can increase their traffic during Easter

Apr 12, 2022 | Articles

Sara Merino

Sara Merino



Easter is the next big holiday and, as any other special event, it’s a great opportunity for publishers to maximize their revenue.

In these seasonal dates, people will be actively looking for new gift ideas and activities to enjoy during this time. That’s why they will actively spend their time on consuming content to find what they’re looking for.

If you want to take advantage of this situation and learn about how to attract these readers to your site, keep reading!

Prepare early

The best way to have a successful Easter strategy is by preparing your strategy with anticipation. You’re working against the clock, so timing is really important for these kinds of special dates.

Preparing early means planning, drafting and creating the content you’re going to publish during this period as well as keeping your website optimized for the upcoming high volume of traffic. We all know about the increasing usage of smartphone devices in the last years, so it’s also important to optimize your website for mobile.

With these actions, you will have more time to build your strategy carefully and avoid mistakes that can appear from doing all the work at the last minute.

Create Easter-related content

Building excitement is crucial to start attracting users to your site. You can start posting Easter-related content before the holiday comes. But, what topics should you talk about to increase the traffic to your site?

Easter is synonymous with candy, egg hunts and spring, so creating content that revolves around these topics is ideal to grow your audience during this period.

However, learning about how people celebrate these holidays can give you other ideas about what kind of content you should write about. Apart from family gatherings and egg hunts, people also take advantage of this holiday to do other plans like staying at home, trying new recipes, doing DIY activities or going out to a restaurant.

Therefore, posting recommendation articles and reviews of specific products can also help you increase traffic.

If you want more content ideas for Easter, don’t miss this article!

Focus on your SEO strategy

But creating all this content is not enough if you don’t plan to create a good SEO strategy in place. This is why stepping up your SEO game for Easter is crucial as well.

It doesn’t only work for Easter, but for any other seasonal holiday too and it’s a great opportunity to promote your content and drive traffic to your site.

Since generic keywords like “chocolate” “egg hunt” or “candy“ can be really competitive, using long-trail Easter keywords like “easter chocolate recipe” can be a better option for this period.

That’s why doing an extensive research of the more appropriate keywords, as well as selecting the right ones and bidding competitively is crucial if you want your website to appear in the top Easter search results.


Get creative on social media

In order to increase traffic to your site, you also need to optimize your social media strategy. This will allow you to promote your Easter content, gain more followers and have a better engagement with your public.

Creating eye-catching Easter posts while interacting and having conversations with your followers is vital if you want to refer them to your website afterwards. That’s why keeping the same editorial line as your website content is essential.

However, it’s also important to note not to use your social media channels as a way to copy and paste the same content you’re already publishing on your site.

Easter is a cheerful holiday, so it’s time to get creative and use these channels to interact with your audience in original ways, like running Easter-themed contests, quizzes or hosting special events.

Thanks to these tips, now you can successfully attract traffic to your site and leverage your audience to increase your revenue. Good planning is crucial and, with these tips, you can start ahead on a good note.

What topics can publishers write about for Easter?

The most common topics you can write about are about family, food or Easter gifts. Creating content about these topics, along with a planned SEO strategy, will help you to drive traffic to your website.

What kind of keywords can I use to increase traffic during Easter?

Having a good SEO strategy is crucial to increase your traffic. Focusing on long trail keywords can help you rank your website on the top search results since they’re less competitive than generic Easter terms.

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