How social media can help publishers

Jul 27, 2021 | Articles

Roberta Cilento

Roberta Cilento


If some publishers still see social media as a threat, some others are committed to leverage its enormous power.

According to the new report released by Echobox, a media publishing platform, and published by What’s New in Publishing, creating quality content and improving user experience are top priorities for 58% of publishers, followed by growing traffic (55%), subscriptions (41%) and social followers/engagement (40%).

The role of the main social media channels can be fundamental to reach these objectives. In fact, just a few months ago we were focusing on how Instagram can help publishers grow subscriptions. You can have a look at our article here.

Clearly, each social media channel is different from the others. Audiences and goals too. However, if we take a look at social media as at a general level, without focusing on specific channels, there are some common benefits.

Social Media can increase subscription growth

The right social followers and a high engagement rate can positively impact traffic and digital subscription growth.

That’s why creating interactive posts, stories, carousels, asking questions to your followers, presenting static news in multiple ways, and trying to attract new audiences will definitely pay off.

Publishers can use social media to fight fake news

Do you remember our article about fake news and how they circulate on social media?

Fake news spreads panic, conspiracy, absurd theories and they create confusion about important topics. They can even influence electoral results.

Journalists and media can leverage social media to uncover fake news. That’s why their presence, voice, critical thinking and their analysis of the sources where fake news are spread are so important.

Your audience is there, so you should be there too

If your audience is there, you should leverage that space too, trying to engage with them and share news and content in a way that they are easy to access and understand.

People spend a considerable amount of time on social media. According to Forbes, Americans spent more than 1300 hours on social media last year. Are you going to miss that opportunity?

Social Media help engage with new audiences

Social media can help publishers engage with new possible audiences, teenagers, young men and women and people with low interest in news.

How can you engage with them and attract their interest? If they think that news is boring maybe it is because they haven’t found a format that attracts their interest. Think about and experiment with new native formats, maybe trying Instagram or doing short videos on Tik Tok.

As you can see, if you create the correct strategy, social media can be the perfect way to attract new audiences, create quality content for your followers and readers and increase growth.

How can publishers engage their audience on social media?

There are multiple methods to engage your public via social media channels. Experimenting with the different formats that apps provide like Tiktok and Instagram can help you reach and attract new users and create engagementT

What benefits can social media provide to publishers?

Using social media is a good way to increase subscriptions, fight and uncover fake news and reach and engage with your target audience.

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