Are Facebook podcasts useful to publishers?

Jun 22, 2021 | Articles

Andrea Burgueño

Andrea Burgueño


Back in April Facebook announced that the company was working on its own podcast platform. As published by The Verge, now the company has confirmed that podcasts are finally coming to Facebook this week. That’s exciting news for marketers, social media managers, and content creators. But are Facebook podcasts useful to publishers too?

How the Facebook podcasts will work

Page owners will be able to add their podcasts to their pages. This way, Facebook users will have the chance to listen to podcasts without leaving the platform.

The new feature does not require creators to upload any materials. It will update the information every time there is a new episode available and share the news on the followers’ feed. On top of this, page owners can remove their podcasts anytime.

Are podcasts a valuable asset to publishers?

Like explained in a previous article, podcasts are a way for publishers to diversify their revenue sources. Information can be reworked and reused. Also, different formats often help connect with new audience segments.

Apart from that, podcasts can help publishers generate engagement by offering their content in a way that users can consume it easily. Listening to a podcast is compatible with doing other things and does not really require much effort.

How are Facebook Podcasts useful to publishers?

The new feature of the social media giant allows users to access an unlimited number of podcasts without leaving the platform or having to look for them. It makes it easier for publishers to share their updates and for their audience not to miss a single episode.

But there is something even more important: visibility. Facebook’s new tool is an extremely powerful asset when it comes to increasing reach and visibility.

Now the question is: How will publishers leverage it?

How do Facebook podcasts work?

Facebook podcasts will allow its users to listen to podcasts without leaving the platform while the information will be updated every time there’s a new episode uploaded.

What can Facebook Podcasts be useful for?

Facebook podcasts can be really useful for publishers as they can increase reach and visibility. Thanks to this new feature, publishers will be able to share their updates while their audience won’t miss any episode.

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