New normal: adjusting or defining? Time to make a choice

Apr 6, 2020 | Articles

Andrea Burgueño

Andrea Burgueño


We are going through strange times. We’ve never been so connected and so isolated at the same time before. We have never had so many options to communicate, advertise and buy products and services and such a lack of opportunities to enjoy some of them. We need to reshape our life, the market and the advertising industry too. So here we are, facing a tough question. New normal: adjusting or defining? Time to make a choice, my friend.

New normal: with challenge comes change

To those who are afraid of the unknown, this might sound scary, but here is the good news: with challenge, comes change. Some old statements still apply to the new, uncertain situation and that’s also wonderful news, because we have a starting point to build our future.

I’m sure you’ve read a million articles about advertisers, marketers and publishers navigating the Covid-19 crisis and adjusting to something that everyone agrees on calling new normal. That’s fine, but let’s be courageous and take the opportunity to define it. To build it and shape it. Let’s try and take some control over that abstract thing that is shaking up everything, from our world, to our industry.

Quality is the next big thing

With most of us online, why not work more on our content? Publishers with better content will end up being more prominent than the rest. Quality can become as important as viewability, transparency or other matters the industry has been working on for quite some time already. Also usability should be seen as part of the quality of our media. Better content and better user experience will definitely become criteria to decide what is actually relevant to us.

The quality criteria applies to brands too. Now, when everything is uncertain, people need solid, stable, trustworthy messages. Advertisers should focus on being closer to people and build a deeper connection. Many products and services that used to be just a part of our lives have become necessary. For instance, video or music streaming are now growing at a much faster rate. Messaging apps are not just a way to simply chat, but in many cases, they’ve become the only way to communicate. Many of the things that are part of our life, including media, have now another meaning. Then why not come up with improved ways of communicating that help us build quality relationships?

Leveraging the opportunity

When a door closes, another one opens. Yet the way to go through that door might be a little bit different, since this new one is nothing like the old one. New channels, new needs, new ways of life mean a different media production, advertising and media buying criteria too. As a result of the current uncertainty, marketers have a chance now to decide where to focus, not just because they consider these channels, strategies or tactics relevant to their interests, but because they have the chance to make them relevant.

The difference between adjusting and defining will determine the success of advertisers, publishers and marketers. Also it will definitely bring a different perspective on innovation to an industry that is constantly changing.

What is the new normal for publishers?

2020 has turned the world upside down. That’s why change is a must for any business. For the publisher industry, it involves adapting to the new situation and leverage it by trying new ways to do the work.

What should publishers focus on?

Publishers should definitely make the effort to send meaningful, trustworthy and solid messages to create a better user experience.

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