Innovative formats for publishers to explore in 2021

May 5, 2021 | Articles

Andrea Burgueño

Andrea Burgueño



Because of the complexity of an audience that lives fast, consumes loads of content a day and has become very social and digital, publishers have it always harder to get their attention. However, changing the format can be the solution to this common issue. Here are a few innovative formats for publishers to explore in 2021 and keep their audience engaged. Ready?


Illustrations are a very practical type of format because they allow us to inform our audience while entertaining them. They are visually appealing and able to evoke feelings. Therefore, they can generate engagement.

This type of format is perfect for social media and very useful to drive users to other corporate platforms like blogs or websites.

Virtual performances

Surprised? Media are just extremely flexible and so is this format too. Video platforms like YouTube, Zoom or Twitch helped live shows become fully digital.

What used to be a format commonly used in the theatre industry evolved towards streaming all kinds of real-time stories. In some of them, the audience can also interact.

Immersive reality podcasts

If you thought that new media had not had time to evolve yet… Surprise! Let me tell you about immersive reality podcasts.

Since podcasts are more and more common these days, immersive reality formats are able to capture the attention of the audience by allowing listeners to participate in the story.

Other popular formats, not that new, but highly effective

Video and image are nothing new, however, if you haven’t explore them yet, you should give them a go:

  • Vertical video: From Instagram stories to TikTok videos, people consume an enormous amount of vertical videos. They are familiar with this format and they like it. This is already a good start to present your content in a more appealing way, right?
  • Visual stories: Have you ever tried to substitute words for images? Can you tell a story only with pictures? It is challenging, but most importantly, it is a new way to use an old format.

What are some new formats publishers can use in 2021?

Some new formats you can use to keep your audience engaged are illustrations, immersive podcasts and virtual performances.

What popular formats exist for publishers?

Visual stories and vertical videos are popular formats you can still user. While they are not new, they’re still really effective.

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