What does quality content mean? The mystery explained

Jun 10, 2020 | Articles

Andrea Burgueño

Andrea Burgueño



Publishers are focusing more and more everyday on quality. This seems to be the basis of most growing strategies. By now, publishers know that they have to create good content in order to thrive. However, what does quality content mean?

Basically, it should be what your audience expects from you. Too vague? Let me give you an example: if you are a journalist, you should be informing of what is actually going on. And you should do it objectively and clearly. Your aim is to make news accessible to everyone, so it’s important that your writing is clear and easy to understand.

Another example? If you are a health blogger, you should maybe focus on how to stay healthy during and after the pandemics. Your audience wants information, tips, knowledge.

Quality content is relevant

Just content, in general, is not necessarily relevant. Although it could be very well written and talk about a particularly important topic, your audience might not find it interesting or appealing. Why? Because it’s never only about the message itself, but about the message to someone. This “someone” is your audience.

If your site focuses on news and articles about the advertising industry, for instance, your audience is expecting you to deliver exactly that. It would be pointless to talk about something else, e.g. other types of news or just other non related content. Something that your audience is actually NOT looking forward to reading and don’t expect to find on your site.

Your content needs to be aligned with your audience’s interests.

It should have a clear objective

Whenever you are sharing a message with someone, you are doing it for a reason. Do you want to inform your readers about the latest events in your city? Do you want to share the value of creativity? Do you want to prevent people from going out during the pandemic?

You need to keep your goal in mind to create and optimize your content towards your goal. Even if your goal is just to expose some facts. You do it for a reason. Well, this is the reason that attracted your audience in the first place and that will also create recurrence. Why? Because when you don’t lose sight of what you want, you optimize your work to deliver exactly that what you had in mind. This will certainly match someone else’s needs or interests.

In other words: if you write with a clear objective in mind, you will attract people looking for that, what you are creating. This applies to articles, videos, podcasts…

It should be well written

Basic point, I agree. However, it is easy to not really think about it. Grammar, syntax, tone, style… Every single aspect of your text, no matter if it’s just a script, should be polished. Call it optimization, if you want. You took the time to work on something really good, so do it well.

Clear words, logical structure and no mistakes make your piece much easier to read, watch or listen to. Also, try to keep it simple. Even if you are talking about something really complicated, your language needs to be simple. That will help your audience not just go through your content, but also enjoy it.

It should be appealing

Why bother creating some really good content to present it in a poor way? It does not make any sense, does it? Every single element of your content production is important to keep the overall balance. Imagine a very good article posted on a web where the characters are so small and the colours too annoying to look at them for more than two seconds. Your readers would just walk away without even finishing the first sentence.

The same applies to other forms, formats and platforms. Good content is appealing, from the topic, to the context. Everything should be attractive for you to reach a wider audience and for them to keep coming.

Variety is important too!

If you already have a solid, loyal audience, you know exactly what I mean. This is one of the most difficult aspects of content creation. People expect to consume new content, in new formats, across new platforms ALL THE TIME. This means that it is not just about producing high quantities of content, but to address every single aspect that matters of that content or other related topics.

Would you eat the same every day? Wear the same clothes? Then why would your audience consume the same content, in the same formats every day? They expect you to focus on every relevant aspect within your field or niche.

Frequency is your friend

It’s not just a question of being up-to-date in general, but about keeping up with your commitment. Quality content is the one able to meet your audience’s demands. You have already worked very hard on building a relationship with them. Don’t let them down. Your audience needs you to be there.

In other words: quality content should be frequent. A whole lot of work… I know. But look at the bright side of things: this will help you create recurrence, build loyalty and improve your own product.

Creativity is now part of the game

Quality content is not a unicorn. You just need to look around you to find that it is everywhere: from social channels, to video platforms. How are you going to outperform your competitors? Well, the answer is simple: creativity.

Publishers who work on new products and new formats are the ones who manage to get the full attention of their audience and to amplify their reach organically. Why? Because the have something ORIGINAL. Therefore, they are ahead of the game.

Quality content is the one that adds value

In conclusion: quality content always has to bring something to the table. Useful information, an opinion for you to reflect upon, a few tips, some good entertainment, etc.

The key to create it is to analyze what your audience is demanding from you and to put some hard work into it. After all, it will be up to your audience to determine the quality of your content. So, remember to always prioritize their needs and interests to craft the product they are looking for.

What does quality content mean?

The concept of quality content refers to the content that meets user’s expectations and provides them value.

What are the characteristics of quality content?

Quality content should be appealing to your audience, have a clear goal, be well written and structured, be creative and publishers with frequency in order to add value.

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